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"11" Olympic Gold Medalists!!!

03/15/2016, 10:30am EDT
By Associated Wrestling Press

FREE Clinic at the BIG Rocky Mountain Nationals by Former Cuban Coach

The RMN Events Training Center will be featuring their high prized head coach Manolo Rubio. Rubio has coached '11" Olympic Gold Medalists, and he was recently asked by Henry Cejudo to train him for his up and coming UFC title fight with Demetrious Johnson. To put things in perspective, Dan Gable has coached "4" Olympic Gold Medalists. You don't want to miss this special opportunity...

Rubio has quite a few high level wrestlers that thank him for their success. Exposure to a coach with this kind of knowledge and insight is unheard of for younger athletes. Those making a commitment to the RMN Events Training Center will quickly gain the edge over every opponent they face in the their future...

For more information, email: and don't miss the teaser at the Rocky Mountain Nationals.

Iowa's "Twisted Steel" commits to RMN Duels...

03/08/2016, 5:45pm EST
By Associated Wrestling Press - Steve McNulty

Matt Gustafson bringing the guns!

Twisted Steel

This year wrestlers from 13 different schools will be rolling down out of North West Iowa to the Rocky Mountain Nationals in Denver Colorado.  Matt Gustafson, assistant coach at West Sioux High School has put together a team called “NW Iowa Twisted Steel”, but this is no train wreck of a team; Coach Gus has got his engines cranked up to full steam heading into this wild roller-coaster ride of a tournament.

As a 9 year coaching veteran Matt has been able to transfer what he learned as a successful wrestler himself to a bunch of mat hungry kids ready to lay down some tracks of their own. When I asked Coach Gustafson what was his goal as a coach, he replied, “My goal is to help kids to achieve their goals.”  As both a former wrestler and a current coach, Matt states that, “Individually, as a wrestler you get out what you put into it. If you have the desire to be good, then you can be good.” Steel gets harder and more refined as you twist it and pound it into something useful. Using his past experience, Coach Gustafson is using the twisting and pounding of wrestling to mold these young people into all they can be. 

Wrestling from the heart...a champion's story

03/07/2016, 6:45pm EST
By Steve McNulty - Associated Wrestling Press


An interview with Kourtney Jade Boehm


Every now and then you come across a person that is made from a different mold. These people stand out for various reasons, some might be strong leaders, some might be brilliant scholars, and some might even be just a little bit…let’s just say “quirky”.  Recently at the Who’s Bad Championship in Denver, Colorado I came across a very unique young lady who is anything but “quirky”; this girl is a stand out for all of the right reasons. The person to whom I am referring is Kourtney Jade Boehm, a very special 9 year wrestling veteran who is made from a different mold than your average athlete. This very polite, respectful, and diminutive 17 year old from Florence, Colorado is cut from a different kind of cloth, and whether that cloth is in the form of a formal prom dress or a singlet, Kourtney is diverse enough to wear them well.

When I first met Kourtney I thought she had traded in her singlet for some plate mail armor because she was loaded down with gigantic medal championship belts from the RMN Events’ “Who’s Bad” National Classic Tournament . Kourtney managed to pull off fast impressive victories in her division to win the belt for First Place, and she also earned the belt for Outstanding Wrestler in the female bracket.  As a member of Betterman Elite Wrestling and the Florence High School wrestling team, Kourtney wrestles with controlled and focused determination.

Growing up with 4 wrestling brothers, Kourtney has always gravitated toward typically male sports. This kind and unassuming girl is sort of an enigma in the sense that in competition she flips an internal switch that transforms her into an assertive force not to be taken lightly. Growing up she was told by her soccer coach that she was “too aggressive” for the sport, so she opted for something with a little more contact in little league football. Kourtney is dedicated and driven; she throws herself into everything she does which gives her unprecedented success all the way from the classroom to the wrestling mat. Last year she embarked on a journey to Europe as an individual wrestler to compete in Bulgaria. Kourtney wrestling with an “open-minded” focus won the tournament making her not just a local champion, but an international champion as well. When asked about her future plans Kourtney said she plans wrestling for the prestigious Jamestown University and from there she intends to come back home to wrestle at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Her future is bright, as her wrestling experience sets the stage for success in all of her endeavors.

When interviewing Kourtney, I asked her what was behind the belts draped around her shoulders. As her eyes welled up with tears, her mother, Heather Boehm, answered for her. Just 3 days before the tournament, Kourtney’s Grandfather passed away. Both of the ladies in front of me were drowning in raw emotion they had just lost a father and a grandfather who was such a huge influence in their lives. Before the tournament Kourtney told her mother that she is dedicating the tournament to her best friend… her grandfather, Steven Murphy, who at the young age of 61 succumbed to cancer on December 30, 2015. After the tournament the family traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to lay this important and well loved man to rest. This compelling story hit me straight in the heart. It reminded me that life itself is often a wrestling match against some powerful and daunting competition, and in spite of a loss to cancer. Kourtney and her family continue to wrestle some of life’s painful battles undeterred and with passion.


“Dedication”…. It defines Kourtney and her family, and as this article is dedicated to Kourtney, it is my hope that Kourtney’s story will impact the heart and minds of the entire wrestling community and beyond.


Steve McNulty

Associated Wrestling Press